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The Problem

Whether you have been struggling with weight loss for a few years or a few decades, there is a reason why weight loss products and programs don’t work for you or bring you lasting results. Your weight isn’t really what you are fighting against. Your fight involves a deeper-rooted issue; one that no fitness routine or supplement program will fix.

What is "The Fix"?

The “fix” is a 4-hour, life-altering workshop named Bikini Mindset Boot Camp. The ultimate goal of this boot camp is to reach a transformational shift in your belief system and thought patterns that WILL result in self-supporting habits that are conducive to achieving struggle-free, permanent weight loss.

In this boot camp, you will learn how to eliminate food cravings, desires to binge (overeat), emotional eating, and cure sugar addiction so that you can enjoy permanent weight loss that will be maintained without the struggle.

What Results Can I Expect?

  • Struggle-free, permanent weight loss
  • Weight loss without calorie-counting, food measuring, or even minding portion sizes
  • No more Yo-Yo Dieting
  • Develop a genuine desire for regular exercise & healthy foods
  • Stop engaging in Emotional Eating
  • Cure food addiction
  • Stop food cravings for good
  • Stop the desire to overeat
  • Turn on your body’s “No more food; I’m done & satisfied” signal
  • Stop feeling deprived
  • Stop the inner struggle regarding your weight and food choices
  • See food as fuel—no more relationships w/food
  • Create a healthy lifestyle that you can comfortably maintain for the rest of your life.
  • No more guilt over not eating right
  • Own the power of your choices by saying no where you couldn't before
  • Restructure neural pathways that produce permanent weight loss
  • Never “diet” again

Ever think to yourself how easy weight loss would be if it weren’t for those intense food cravings? Imagine the freedom involved with never having to worry about your weight again! It’s not only possible, it is guaranteed with a self-supportive mindset!

Course Outline—What You Will Learn

During our 4 hours together, we will be discussing a myriad of topics encompassing your mindset and how it influences your everyday life. The detailed class agenda is as follows:

Bikini Mindset Permanent Weight Loss Course OutlineCure Food Addiction & Stop Food Cravings in 14 Days or Less

  • Are you food addicted? Take the self-diagnostic
  • What causes food addiction & food cravings
  • "Am I Really Hungry?" Discerning the difference between a food craving and physical hunger
  • How to stop the perpetual cycle of food cravings
  • The dangers of processed foods
  • The "Holy Grail" of obesity research and how it will absolutely change your life
  • How to turn your body's "I've had enough food to eat" function back on

The Mindset of Permanent Weight Loss

  • The cause behind the 96% failure rate of ALL weight loss efforts
  • How your mindset is shaping your experiences and life
  • Is your mindset on board with your weight loss goals—a 5-question quiz
  • What triggers and drives emotional eating
  • How to escape the cycle of emotional eating
  • Is your mindset in alignment with your weight loss goals? A 5-question quiz to find out.
  • The two factors that control ALL human behavior and how you can control them.
  • Why relying on willpower and self-control can actually be counter-productive and how to bypass them all-together.
  • Discover the state of your belief system and how to transform it so you can experience universal success.

Emotional Mastery

  • Quickly pick up the art of understanding “you”—why you react the way that you do.
  • Learn how to use your emotions to propel you forward instead of backward.
  • Deconstruct negative thought patterns and self-destructive habits
  • Build new, healthy habits that are conducive to permanent weight loss
  • Work on transforming your belief system which will also transform your self-confidence, self-image, and self-esteem. Become unstoppable!

To further enhance your training and secure your permanent success, Michelle is including 5 bonuses valued at over $400!

Includes over $400 in Bonuses

Bonus #1

The Secret to Struggle-Free Permanent Weight Loss Revealed
(valued at $17)

  • Why 96% of ALL weight loss efforts fail.
  • Why weight loss products and programs have not, will not, and never will work for you.
  • Find out what is—and what will always be—the only true solution for permanent weight loss that can be maintained struggle-free.
  • Meet Michelle Estrada—the creator of the Bikini Mindset Boot Camp and founder of Bikini Mindset.

Bonus #2

Back-to-Basics: Fitness, Nutrition, & Metabolism
(valued at $17)

  • How to get away with doing less cardio
  • How to sky-rocket your metabolism by 60% and more! Michelle shares how she was able to increase her metabolism by 71% and shows proof!
  • Ideal workout schedule for optimum fat loss—created and used by personal trainers!
  • The best way to lose the belly fat, muffin tops, and love handles
  • What to eat before and after your workout for peak performance and quick results
  • Bust common nutritional myths that are keeping you overweight and sick.

Bonus #3

Living Life with Purpose, On Purpose
(Valued at $47)

  • What kind of results are you receiving in life and why.
  • Identify your purpose in life.
  • How to design and experience living your “ideal life”.
  • How to achieve your inner-most dreams in 12 months or less.

Bonus #4

Lifetime Membership to the Bikini Mindset VIP Facebook Group
(Valued at $297)

Being a lifetime member of this group gives you priceless perks such as free upgrades and ongoing support from Michelle and fellow members—not to mention the access to advanced trainings at no extra charge!

Chat away with others who are on the same journey as you are while finding the accountability, encouragement, support, and motivation you need to finally succeed!

Bonus #5

Two Breakthrough Sessions with Michelle
(Valued at $60)

The nature of your mindset is to keep you planted firmly within you comfort zone. When your mindset is a negative and self-sabotaging one, it will keep you from the answers and solutions that are right in front of your face. Not knowing what are the answers and solutions, you won’t know which actions to take that will secure your success.

This is why Michelle is including two 30-minute, one-on-one consultations that can be done via phone or Skype; to help you identify and overcome your “blind spots”.

Just So You Know…

  • This is NOT a quick fix.  It’s taken you years to build those bad habits, so don’t expect that they’ll be magically gone the next day.
  • You will make mistakes
  • You will “fall off the wagon”
  • You will face obstacles and “Weight Loss Saboteurs”
  • You may face adversity
  • People may criticize you
  • You may struggle in the beginning
  • You will feel like the “odd one out” in social gatherings

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You refuse to do the work and follow instructions as outlined in the course.
  • You refuse to cook
  • You refuse to try new things
  • You have a closed mind
  • You continue to make excuses for not exercising or eating healthy
  • Aren’t willing to make time for cooking and exercising
  • You could care less about your health or your weight.

Obviously that isn’t you, right! Of course not, so continue on.

Purchase Includes:

Whether you are taking our online course or attending one of our live boot camps, each option comes with the following:

  • Entry into the Boot Camp
  • A video recording of the Boot Camp
  • Weekly “Refresher” Live Webinars w/Q & A for 4 weeks following the Boot Camp.
  • A clean-eating food guide
  • Access to clean-eating recipes
  • Lifelong access to an exclusive, closed FB group where you can keep in close contact with Michelle and other boot camp attendees.
  • Weekly “Refresher” Live Webinars w/Q & A for 4 weeks following the Boot Camp.
  • The 5 bonuses outlined above valued at over $400.

Bikini Boot Camp Presenter

Michelle Estrada Personal Empowerment TrainerThe boot camp will be lead by Michelle Estrada who is a Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor. Michelle’s experience with food addiction, emotional eating, and food cravings is a very personal one; she was a victim of all three for well over 20 years. 

After 4 years of working on the root of the problem and finally achieving a permanent breakthrough, Michelle developed the boot camp with hopes of helping others to break the chain of food addiction, emotional eating, and intense food cravings in their own lives.

Have Questions?

For more information about the Bikini Mindset Makeover Boot Camp, you can either check out the FAQ section or contact Michelle Estrada and ask her a question anytime:

Which Bikini Mindset Boot Camp do I register for?

If you live in the Kansas City area and would like to attend a live, in-person boot camp, then register for the Kansas City Course. If you live outside of the Kansas City area, then register for the Online Course. Both boot camps share the exact same information and benefits and include a live Q&A session afterwards as well as downloadable recordings.

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