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Ask a Nutritionist in Kansas City for Diet Plan Creation

Kansas City Nutritionist

Are you frustrated in your efforts
to achieve permanent weight loss?

Aside from mindset, the quality of your nutrition is going to account for the majority of your results. Want a lean, slender, "dancer’s body" that is void of belly fat, muffin tops, love handles, and saddle bags? You won’t get it doing a hundred crunches, side bends, leg lifts, or squats. Hours spent in the gym will prove to be a fruitless effort unless you clean up your daily nutrition. Ever hear the saying, "Abs aren't made in the gym, they're made in the kitchen"?

There is a ton of misinformation circulating related to nutrition and weight loss; information that is causing people to get sick and gain weight rather than lose weight. Just short of calling it a conspiracy, food manufacturers are mislabeling products while trusted professionals in the health and fitness field are still prescribing regimens that are outdated and down-right dangerous. This is where I come in…

2hr Phone or Skype Consultation. Learn from an expert...
12 Week Custom Meal Nutrition Plan
Kitchen Detox/Restock 4hrs to clean out the cupboards and go shopping.
1hr Phone or Skype Consultation. Prep & plan for weight loss
12 Week Custom Meal Nutrition Plan
We will completely customize your diet according to your nutrional needs and requirements. My Food Plans create a weight loss solution that is permanent.
2hrs Detoxing
2hrs Restocking.
Kitchen Detox/Restock
Put your kitchen on a diet. We will remove the life draining foods that keep weight on.
Then we will go shopping to restock your shelves with foods that create life long permanent weight loss.

Having a partner help support your lifestyle is invaluable. It takes hard work and a supportive mindset to achieve permanent weight loss. I can help you reach those goals.

My coaching services are life changing and will get you bikini ready in know time.

Complete Nutritional Package

This package encompasses all of the options listed below - 2 hours of either phone or skype consultation services, 4 hours of kitchen detox and restock as well as the 12 week meal plan custom tailored for your eating habits, restrictions and dietary needs. This package by far produces the fastest results.

Phone Consulting or Skype Coaching - Weight Loss, Diet and Meal Plans

The first topic of discussion during our consultation will be addressing the results you need and expect (improved health and/or fitness, weight loss, etc). Next, I will observe your eating habits and note the quantity and quality of the foods you are eating.

In order for me to get a good grasp on the state of your daily diet, you will be required to meticulously record a food log for at least 7 days prior to our meeting. Once you have finished this food log, you will then email its contents to me for review before I contact you for our scheduled consultation.

Your food log must contain:

  • The foods you eat, along with the ingredients;
  • The exact times you eat (to the minute);
  • What time you woke up and went to bed;
  • If the food is processed or whole (in its natural state, or as close to it as possible).
  • Amount of water you are drinking daily (1 Cup = 8 Ounces)
  • Don’t worry about tracking calories or portion sizes at this time. The only thing that you should be tracking and measuring is your water.
  • Want a free health and fitness assessment?
  • Find out your THR, BMI, BFP, BMR and CU here.

12- Week Custom Meal Plan

After our initial consultation, I will design a customized meal plan to meet your specific nutritional needs. This meal plan will be a full 12 weeks long and include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and even desserts! Of course, recipes and cooking instructions are included where applicable.

After our initial consultation, I will design a customized meal plan to meet your specific nutritional needs. This meal plan will be a full 12 weeks long and include breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and even desserts! Of course, recipes and cooking instructions are included where applicable.

Meal plans covered in this package price are:

  • Standard
  • Gluten-Free
  • Grain-Free

Any restrictions beyond those mentioned above will require an additional fee depending on the complexity of the resulting meal plan. Please contact me for more details.

Kitchen Detox and Restock - 4 Hours

The first step to changing your eating habits is putting your kitchen on a diet! With this service, I will assist you at clearing out all the junk from your kitchen; this includes either donating it or throwing it away (your choice). Once all the C.R.A.P. foods are removed from your house, the next logical task is to restock your kitchen with life-supporting foods.

During the “restock” phase of this service, we will go grocery shopping at a store of your choosing. I will be your shopping guide as we navigate through the maze of processed foods looking for the good stuff. It is highly recommended that you buy at least 1 week of food during that visit. You are responsible for purchasing your own groceries.

Weight Loss Support

Everyone needs someone if not a whole community to meet their goals. It does not matter the type of goal that you need to hit, having supporters behind you, people who have been in your exact same shoes is one of the primary keys to success. That is why we offer so many ways for you to get the help and support you need to meet your weight loss goals.

Yeah, you can go it alone and maybe even be successful at it. But how awesome would it be to get ongoing success from me and a community of like-minded people who are striving for the same kinds of goals and lifestyle changes?

And what a community it is! I’m talking about people who love experimenting in the kitchen and sharing the recipes that rocked their taste buds; people who are strait ninja warriors with their fitness routines sharing how they were able to get those amazing abs. Did I mention the people who successfully killed their food cravings? I mean they cold knocked them out! Those people live to encourage and motivate others on a daily basis simply to pay it forward!

Of course, if you need more one-on-one time with Michelle, you can buy a package of her time, called “Breakthrough Sessions”. Whatever you need to help get you through the obstacles! Breakthrough Sessions are four, 30-minute phone or Skype calls for $120 and must be used within 4 weeks.

Jump on over to our weight loss community resources page and choose which weight loss support option works best for you.