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Extreme Permanent Weight Loss Program

Kansas City Weight Loss Program

Want to absolutely skyrocket your transformation and be a complete new you—inside AND out—in a few short months? With the Xtreme Results Weight Loss Package, you can expect some pretty amazing perks:

  • Increase your metabolism by 50% and more (hello, you get to eat more)
  • Safely lose 15-20 lbs of fat in your first month alone
  • Melt away belly fat, muffin tops, and love handles
  • Finally have that bikini body you’ve always wanted
  • Achieve that transforming shift where you no longer crave or desire junk foods
  • Learn how you can eat your way to a food-craving-free life
  • A 12-week meal plan that allows you to eat foods that will completely ROCK your taste buds
  • Uncover your rock star confidence as you start to live life on your terms

What’s Included in the Xtreme Results Package:

All items totalled above equal: $2497

Xtreme Results All Inclusive Package offers a $500 discount.

Individual Package Components Below