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Stop Food Cravings
7 Day Challenge!
Are you ready to get started with living a food-craving-free life? Your first step is to...
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The time is FINALLY here! Isn't this exciting? You don't know how pumped up I am to have you here, taking this challenge! I need all the company I can get! You see, I've been food-craving-free now for almost 10 months and because what I teach and train is so new and NOT mainstream, I feel alone in my freedom! It is not my intention to keep this wonderful feeling and experience to myself which is why this challenge was created. My goal is to give you the chance to know, see, and feel what it's like not to always be craving food. Why? Because I believe that once you experience what freedom feels like, you will always gravitate towards it, even if you happen to stray far off the path.

So here's our plan-of-action (are you super excited and ready to ROCK this?)...

Step 1: Watch the Kick-off video. Everything you need to prepare for this challenge is on that video. Be prepared to take notes!

Step 2: Get to work on your To-Do List. As soon as you are done watching the Kick-Off video, mark your calendar for November 4th & start announcing the event and start-date to your family and friends. Why? Because hopefully you'll stir up enough interest to bring a few people in your circle along for the ride. Your chances of success increase exponentially when you have a solid support system surrounding you--especially if that support system is engaged in the same activities. Not to mention you'll be sharing one the most AWESOME gifts EVER! Who wouldn't praise you for sharing the gift of freedom? So get busy on Facebook! Don't worry about seeming pushy. By including those you love and care for in this challenge, you will have a HUGE role in helping to completely transform their lives in ways they probably didn't know was possible!

Step 3: Download your 7-Day Meal Plan & Nutritional Guide via the links above. Give it a once-over. If you have questions, let me know!

Step 4: Stop by the Bikini Mindset Facebook page and introduce yourself! Get used to daily interaction with me and the rest of the Bikini Mindset community. We're all here for one another :)

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