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Michelle's Story

Michelle's Miraculous Weight Loss StoryMichelle’s rapport and close connection with people struggling with their weight didn’t come from her work as a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor; it came from her own personal struggles with weight loss. Michelle’s story started in her early childhood—2nd grade to be exact.

The Birth of a Self-Destructive Lifestyle

Michelle’s childhood was peppered with tragedy and instability—occurrences which ignited a cycle of emotional dependency on food. Her emotional eating eventually led to a physical addiction to food that lasted over 20 years.

Throughout those 20 years, Michelle would struggle with dieting and exercising with hopes of achieving weight loss. Her first attempt at weight loss was successful—losing 60 pounds the summer before she started 8th grade. For the remainder of her teen years and early twenties, she struggled to keep the weight off, but managed to do so with the occasional 10-to-15-pound weight gain here and there. All of that changed after the birth of her son.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Fatter

After her son was born, Michelle was left 40 pounds over her pre-pregnancy weight. Becoming a first-time mother, along with other major life changes, brought Michelle emotional stresses that sent her emotional eating into overdrive. The next thing she knew, she was inching toward 180 pounds—on her 5’2” frame, this classified her as “obese”. She was also the heaviest she had ever been—not a happy time in her life.

During the first 4 years following her son’s birth, Michelle began a frenzied struggle to lose the weight she had gained. It took every ounce of will power and self-control to lose the first 20 pounds. The remaining 40 pounds would come and go during cycles of yo-yo dieting—she’d lose 20 pounds, only to gain 10 back again; she’d lose another 20 lbs, only to gain 15 back. Each weight loss attempt was more difficult than the last until finally, she quit losing weight all-together.

Houston, We Have a Problem

She didn’t know why, but she lost the motivation to diet long enough to lose weight. She had the desire to lose weight, but couldn’t resist food cravings long enough to achieve any kind of weight loss. After several dieting attempts that ended the very day they began, Michelle faced a horrifying realization: If she didn’t do something and do it fast, she’d lose control of her weight. Coming from a family of morbidly obese women, she knew exactly what it was she had to look forward to; and this scared the living daylights out of her.

Being a Christian and having a close relationship with God, Michelle knew in her heart that what she was experiencing wasn’t “normal”; she knew that Jesus didn’t die on the cross so she could spend the rest of her life focused on her struggles with weight gain. Knowing God wanted her to be free, along with her refusal to end up like the morbidly obese women in her family; she began a frantic search for a permanent solution. This was in 2009.

The Solution Comes Softly

A breakthrough didn’t just “hit her” one day, nor did a light go off or a switch get flipped. In fact, the full realization of permanent, struggle-free weight loss didn’t come until early 2013. But let’s rewind a bit…

The frantic search that began in 2009 produced many pieces to the “permanent weight loss” puzzle. What Michelle found was that successful, permanent, struggle-free weight loss included three factors; not the two factors everyone already knew about (nutrition and exercise). This third, less-known factor was often tragically side-stepped by all major weight loss and fitness programs, and never had Michelle heard a single health practitioner speak a word about it. This “missing link” to permanent weight loss was a self-supportive mindset.

The mindset—the cornerstone of permanent weight loss—had many pieces within it. It took Michelle four years to finally lock all of those pieces into place, but once the last piece was locked in, lights went off and switches were flipped—Michelle had finally received her breakthrough! She was on autopilot toward permanent weight loss!

Read Michelle's personal story about her weight loss struggle and how she over came it.The Struggle Becomes a Beacon

From the moment Michelle learned of the missing link, she began to share it with as many people as were willing to hear about it. This new-found passion led her to first become a group fitness instructor, then a personal trainer, as to give her more access to health-seekers struggling with weight loss.

Michelle’s openness about her own struggles augmented her ability to closely relate to friends and strangers alike. This trait—along with her endless knowledge and passion about health, fitness, nutrition, and mindset—made her a sought-after resource for information about how to lose weight permanently.

Today, Michelle’s main focus is helping women to eliminate both food cravings and emotional eating so they too can enjoy struggle-free, permanent weight loss. She does this by walking each woman through the step-by-step process of deconstructing bad, self-sabotaging habits and replacing them with positive, self-supportive habits that are conducive to permanent weight loss. Nothing, absolutely nothing, gives her more pleasure than seeing someone else’s lights go off once the last piece of the puzzle is put in its place!